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Turn your child’s imagination into a premium size story book. Includes "Quick Start Guide" full of tips, ideas and inspiration!

Turn your child’s drawings into a comic book.

The original. Your child's story. Made into a book.

A softcover edition of our bestseller, and the newest addition to the Lulu Jr. family. Available soon!

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By CL Bennett

By Dagny Thomas

By Marlies Bugmann

By Amanda Swann

By Florence Kubota, Elizabeth Galligan

By Janet Fall, Haley Grunloh

By Jason Cruse

By Lisa Williams, Nicholas Prapas

By Darryl Hughes, Monique MacNaughton

By Darryl Hughes, Monique MacNaughton

By Vasilisa Hamilton

By Ankoor Talwar, Abhinav Talwar

By Edward Buchanan

By Michelle Stitzlein

By Denise Hitch

By Rebecca Hoyle

By Said Salah Ahmed

By Chris Lewis

By John Henry

By Deborah Brooks Langford

By Estella Johnson

By Andrew Rote

By Gardiner M. Weir, Erin O'Connor

By Charlie Young