Lulu Junior Author Of The Month - Kahlan Harmon

Lulu Junior Author Of The Month - Kahlan Harmon

By Emma@Lulu / August 06, 2020

We’ve got another awesome author, Kahlan Harmon who wrote the story, “Did Mila Get a Dog?” Kahlan’s inspiration for her story came from the love of her own dog and she even dedicated her book to her own beloved animal, Timmy! Keep reading to find out if Mila did get a dog in Kahlan’s story!

Mila, our main character, wants a dog. She really really really wants a dog. Her mom told her that Mila needed to help five people to prove that she could help with a dog.

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Mila called up her pal named Friend for help to find five people. After breakfast, they were on the mission! They ran into Friend’s friend, Giggle. She was on her way to a party and had a cake in her hands and sadly; she dropped it! But no fear, they were able to help make her a new cake for the party! One friend helped, another four to go!

The mission continues! They walked down the sidewalk and happened to see a cat and a kid stuck in a tree. The kid, named Bubble, had climbed up the tree to save the cat...but got a bit scared to come down. Mila and Friend ran home to tell Mila’s mom. They brought over a ladder and Bubble and the cat could safely make it back down on the ground. Mila’s mom was proud of her for helping out.

It was a busy day for Mila and Friend. They went to the grocery store later that day. On the way out of the store, they came across a woman struggling to put the groceries in her car. Mila helped the woman put all the groceries in her car. She was really enjoying helping others! She had already helped three people, only two more to go, and hopefully she would get that dog!

Thursday nights were volunteer “Family Night” at the local food bank. Mila decided to sign-up. They ended up making 9,000,000 lunch packs for kids who needed them. Mila has a lot of fun and couldn’t wait to go back to help. She called Friend that night to let her know that they were already at four people and there was only one person left to help!

The very next day Mila’s neighbor was going on vacation, and Mila had promised her she would walk their dog twice a day for her. When Mila’s neighbor returned from vacation, she was so happy to see Mila walking her dog and even gave her $20.00.

DId Mila Get A Dog? Book cover by Kahlan Harmon Book Cover

Mila’s mom told her “Mila, you are a very good kid! Are you ready for a dog?” Mila and Friend were so happy and couldn’t contain their excitement as they screamed “yes!”. Mila’s mom said they would go to the animal shelter the next day. Five people helped and 0 to go! Mila had reached the goal!

The next day, Mila was so excited. She kept asking, “is it time to leave yet? It is time now?” 

Mila continued asking questions on the way there. She kept imagining loving him/her right away. When they finally arrived the woman at the animal shelter, Mrs. Potosa, showed them all the puppies. They could enter the pen and look at the puppies. There were ten puppies: 5 were black, 2 were tan, and 3 were white.

Mila was struggling to make a decision, how could she choose one out of so many puppies! Then, someone came by and put another puppy in the pen. It was a puppy that was different from the rest. This puppy had white fur and a black spot around one of his eyes. He was THE dog that Mila wanted. She named him Spot!

They stopped to get him supplies, toys, and treats before Mila officially brought him home. Friend was loving Spot too, everyone was very happy! Mila loved her new dog so much and really enjoyed helping everyone along the way too!

The Lulu Junior team are dog lovers and it was amazing reading a story and imagining being in Mila’s shoes and having that feeling of choosing your first dog! 

A fantastic story written by Kahlan! Thank you for being our Author of the Month!

See what Kahlan shared with us in her interview below!

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Read The Full Interview

Where did you get your Lulu Junior kit? Who gave it to you?

I got my Lulu Junior Kit from my mommy for Christmas. I love to write stories and she thought that it would be a fun project to do together.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

Yes, I've written a couple of others before this one, but this one is the longest.

Where did you get your idea for your story?

Mommy and I came up with the idea because I really love dogs.

What was your favorite part about writing the book?

My favorite part of making this book was coming up with the story and words.

How did it feel to see your story published into a book?

It was amazing to see my story made into a book.

Who did you dedicate your book to and why?

I dedicated my book to my puppy Timmy because I always wanted him.

What do you want people to remember about your book?

After reading my story, I want people to remember to help others and to be kind.

Do you have any advice for other young authors?

The advice that I have for other young authors is to give every story you write an awesome and happy ending.

What will your next book be about?

My next book is going to be about Mila breaking her arm after falling off her bike and getting back on her bike after she gets her cast off. I came up with this idea because this just happened to me and I want to let other kids know that it is okay to fall and that it shouldn't keep you from riding again.

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is Hugh Lofting. I am almost done with reading Doctor Dolittle.

What is your favorite genre to read, and why?

I love to read about animals because I love animals.

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