Camp Lulu Junior: My Comic Book Coloring Pages

Camp Lulu Junior: My Comic Book Coloring Pages

By Team Lulu / July 27, 2020

Week 2 of Camp Lulu Junior is here and we’re kicking it off with more coloring! 

This week we’re getting focusing on comic books. Get your kids excited to think about their favorite characters, vibrant scenes, and incredible action scenes. Then get coloring!

We’ve got some great pages to you can download including one straight from our Comics In Action guide!

Color Your Comic

Download and color comic-themed pages!


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 30 minutes

Materials: Coloring pages printed from Lulu Junior | Colored Pencils | Markers | Computer

Modified activity: If you have a coloring book, you can use that instead of printing out the free coloring pages provided

Or you can use this amazing Pinterest account that collects free, downloadable comic book pages to find your kid’s favorite coloring subject!

Staying Creative

The focus for this activity is on coloring with intention. Maybe it’s time to make a purple Hulk or change Wonder Woman’s colors to black and gold. 

Dig into your kid’s imaginations with the simple and meditative act of coloring!

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