Lulu Junior Author of the Month - Lydia Horvath

Lulu Junior Author of the Month - Lydia Horvath

By Emma@Lulu / October 10, 2019

October’s featured author is Lydia Horvath! Her story has all the elements of a great story: an evil narwhal, a special helmet, a malicious plot ... and an unlikely superhero named SUPER JELLY! Wondering how she came up with that unique cast of characters?

“I like superheroes, especially the nice ones, and I think jellyfish are cute. One day the idea just popped into my head to make a jellyfish into a superhero!”

- Lydia

She then integrated the best of both worlds for her book, Super Jelly is Made!

Lydia’s story starts with a regular jellyfish named Joe in his laboratory planning a fun dress-up party with his friend, Sharky T. Shark.

Meanwhile, an evil plot was being concocted by Joe’s nemesis, Narwhal. As soon as Joe walked into his lab, Narwhal snuck up behind Joe and placed a helmet on his head. The helmet completely erased Joe’s memory and made him evil! Narwhal stole Joe’s memories and stored them in a techno box for safekeeping. 

Joe returned to his party and all of his guests, but something was different. Joe’s friends started to worry. This Joe Jellyfish was mean! Understandably, they didn’t want to be around a mean Joe Jellyfish.

Joe became very sad and lonely without his friends and was left to wander the ocean alone. While wandering around, he came upon the techno box! He opened it and found all his memories that Narwhal had stolen. Jelly changed back into who he really was: a nice jellyfish! But he wasn’t just nice…he had superpowers. Joe was now Super Jelly and was incredibly strong!

He told Sharky that he had turned into a superhero and Sharky revealed that he was also a superhero who could chomp through anything. The new superhero duo decided they would join forces to fight evil everywhere and guess who they would choose to fight first? 

Cue dramatic music…

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They head to Narwhal’s castle and sneak in to search for the evil helmet. They finally find it but it’s frozen in the ice beneath the castle. How are they going to get it out? With their new superpowers of course! Super Jelly uses his strength to lift the castle while Sharky chomps into ice to get the helmet out.

They took the helmet and reversed the wires and put the helmet on Narwhal. Reversing the wires on the helmet had made Narwhal nice! He could keep his memories and apologized to Super Jelly for all the bad things he had done. He decided in that moment to be a good guy too.

Narwhal became a superhero with mind control but he decided he would only use it for good. They started a group and call themselves the Tridents. They went back to Joe’s lab and celebrated with their friends and continued their party!

Lydia wants this story to leave us with the message that “people are happier when they are nice, and to be good.” Not only a great message but a great reminder to us all.  

Thank you to Lydia for letting us feature her creative superhero story this month and be on the lookout for her next story! We may just see an appearance from our favorite superheroes (The Tridents) Super Jelly, Sharky, and of course, the newly nice Narwhal!

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If you would like to find out more about this month’s author, you can read the full interview below!

Read the Full Interview:

Where did you get your Lulu Junior kit? Who gave it to you?

My Granny got it for me for Christmas.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

Yes, and I have always loved reading too.

Where did you get your idea for your story?

I like superheroes, especially the nice ones, and I think jellyfish are cute. One day the idea just popped into my head to make a jellyfish into a superhero!

What’s your favorite thing about the ocean?

My favorite thing about the ocean is the waves because it seems like they are friends with me. They roll and jump and splash right alongside me.

Why did you choose a jellyfish as your main character?

I think jellyfish are super fun with their little tentacles. They are just so squishy and cute looking that I thought it would be fun to make one that was super powerful.

What was your favorite part about writing the book?

I loved seeing my imagination be put onto paper. I have so many crazy thoughts! It was fun putting some into a story. I also loved drawing all the pictures. They made the story come alive!

How did it feel to see your story published into a book?

It was exciting to see that I could create something that looked like I could buy it in a store. It made me feel successful and proud of what I had accomplished.

What do you want people to remember about your book?

I want people to remember that they are happier when they are nice, and to be good like it says on the cover.

Do you have any advice for other young authors?

They should think about what their favorite thing is and then turn it into a story. They should be creative and have fun.

What will your next book be about?

I might do a sequel about the Tridents. That is the group that was formed by Super Jelly, Sharky, and Narwhal.

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