Lulu Junior Author of the Month - McKenzie Hesseling

Lulu Junior Author of the Month - McKenzie Hesseling

By Emma@Lulu / July 07, 2020

Another month has absolutely flown by and here we are already in July! Which means we’ve got another fantastic author to showcase for the month. For July we’ve got the awesome story, “Fun Facts for Kids: All About Animals” written and illustrated by McKenzie Hesseling.

She brings us some great illustrations and some new fun facts that we got to learn as we read through her book. Continue reading to learn about a variety of animals that McKenzie gave us!

Lulu Junior Author of the Month - McKenzie Hesseling Book Cover

Fun Facts For Kids: All About Animals

We start with a kangaroo, found in Australia! This animal has a pouch and their babies are called “joeys.”

Seals can swim in icy water. Baby seals can even blend into the snow. Sounds like that is great to keep them camouflaged from other animals.

Tigers can have orange or white fur. A tiger is a very large cat, but they definitely differ from your normal house cat that hates water. They love water and even can be excellent swimmers.

Something new we learned from Mckenzie was about the hedgehog. Not only do they have their sharp quills on their back that we all recognize, it turns out they are experts at swimming! Who knew?

Lulu Junior Author of the Month - McKenzie Hesseling Gallery

McKenzie continues her story of animal facts introducing us to an ostrich, the giraffe, the rhino, and the fawn. But our favorite would have to be the platypus! Such an odd creature that McKenzie lets us know “has a bill like a duck and fur like an otter. They also have a tail like a beaver and feet like a penguin too!” Four animals in one!

McKenzie dedicated her book to her family for telling her interesting things, and she’s passed on her knowledge and has given us interesting things to remember now!

They say you learn something new every day, and we enjoyed learning some new facts from her book. 

Thank you McKenzie for letting us showcase your great story! Such a fun read this month! Check out our interview with McKenzie to see what other interesting things she told us!

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Read The Full Interview:

Where did you get your Lulu Junior kit? Who gave it to you? 

My mommy for my quarantine project.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

Yes and drawing illustrations to go with my stories too.

Where did you get your idea for your story?

I like different animals and I wanted everyone else to know about them.

What was your favorite part about writing the book?

Drawing the animals and Getting to publish it.

How did it feel to see your story published into a book?

Very Very Very Verrrry Excited!!!

What do you want people to remember about your book?

To remember animal facts.

Do you have any advice for other young authors?

Always stick with your topic and try to think of what your story should be.

What will your next book be about?

“McKenzie’s Marvelous Masterpiece - a collection of my adventures”

Who is your favorite author? 

Meredith Costain- She's an Australian Children’s Author

What is your favorite genre to read, and why?

Fiction - because it is pretend and pretending is fun.

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