5 Ways to Get Caught Reading

5 Ways to Get Caught Reading

By Team Lulu / May 08, 2018

May is Get Caught Reading Month! Organized by the Association of American Publishers, Get Caught Reading is an annual campaign to encourage reading.

If you’re looking for a way to make reading more enticing for your students, look no further! The program provides posters of athletes and stars alike getting caught reading that educators can download and use in their classrooms. They also offer printing and shipping services for larger or higher quality posters.

If you're a teacher or librarian, you can learn more here about how to participate in Get Caught Reading Month.

To help with the inspiration, here are 5 ways to get your students excited about reading this May:

1. Run a Community Book Drive

Organize a community book drive! Your students can create fliers and help community members by donating their books.

Students will meet new books, new people, and get the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with doing something good for the community.

2. Take a Field Trip

Get kids excited about their local public, school, or college library. This is a great opportunity to introduce a generation to the important role libraries play in the community.

A library field trip fits perfectly during Get Caught Reading Month, but really, this kind of experience can happen any time during the year and is something students can always benefit from.

3. Bring an Author to the Readers

Instead of getting out and going to the library, you can bring the reading to your readers!

Reach out to your local author community and invite them to do a reading and speak to the class about what they do. Who better to speak to the importance of reading than someone who writes and publishes books?

4. Create a Free Library

Little Free Libraries is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a love of reading and making books available to everyone.

Have each student pick out a book for the library and set it up at your school, local community center or shopping area. Much like a book drive, a Free Library not only promotes the importance of reading, it also promotes community engagement.

5. Turn a Reader into a Writer

How? With a Lulu Jr book-making kit, of course!

Or, any way you want really. Incorporate project-based learning into the classroom by asking each student to write a page of a story and compile all of the pages into a book for publishing on Lulu! Alternatively, you could give each student a Lulu Jr kit for them to publish their very own book.

An in-class writing project is a great way to get imaginations flowing, promote creativity and give students something tangible at the end of it all they can hold onto and say "I created this!"

What better way is there to encourage a child to read than to let them create a book of their own?

How will you get caught reading?