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Holiday Shopping, Production Delays, And You

By Paul@Lulu / October 26, 2022

Christmas is fast approaching. And since most of us will be shopping online, we have to consider delivery times. If last year was any lesson, we also need to plan for delays in those delivery times.

And for the millions of online sellers, already reliant on fast shipping, this is going to be a bad year for anyone waiting until the last minute to shop. 

So don’t! Get started shopping sooner and ensure you get those books in time!

Lulu Junior’s Production Process

Your kid finishes their book and you pack those pages into the envelope and ship them off to us. What happens next?

There is a lot that goes into it! 

Once we get your pages, the first thing we do is record and scan them. This turns each interior page into a PDF that we compile into a single file we can print for your book! The cover is created as another PDF and these files are sent to the printer.

Once we have the files ready, we print and bind those pages, along with the cover boards, into a full-color IlluStory hardcover book or My Comic Book paperback.

The final step is to package the freshly bound book into a secure shipping box and send it off to be delivered!

Potential And Expected Delays

The Lulu Junior production process takes approximately 3-4 weeks from the time we receive the pages from the US Post Office. That includes scanning, printing, and shipping the finished book back to your young author. This doesn’t include the time for your completed pages to reach us.

During the holiday season, we normally expect a little longer production times due to the increased volume of orders. And we have to expect delays in shipping; both when you send the pages in and when we send the finished book back to your kid.

Production Delays

We’ve already experienced some printer delays due to material shortages this year. That means once your pages are scanned, the printer may not get them printed and ready to ship as quickly as we normally expect.

When shipping products are delayed all over the world, it makes it harder for our printers to get their paper, ink, and other materials in a timely manner. This can be exacerbated by delays due to staff limitations.

Shipping Delays

While we always work to minimize and prepare for production delays, there is little we can do about shipping delays. Every major delivery service, from USPS to FedEx and DHL, is expecting delays this holiday season

These same carriers are also experiencing delays in getting completed kits to us for printing. We expect most kits sent in for printing and binding to take a little longer than usual to reach us.

Consumers are likely to buy more online this year than in years past, leading to even greater potential shipping delays as more packages need to be delivered.

Realistic Expectations

The holiday shopping season has started. There’s nothing to do now except prepare early. 

That means shopping for those gifts you know your friends and family will love as soon as you can. If that gift includes a Lulu Junior kit, here’s what you can expect:

Ordering A Kit

If you’re ordering a kit from our website, you should expect the kit to ship out in approximately 1-2 business days. We pack and ship kits quickly, so the most likely delay will come from shipping hold-ups. Note that Lulu Junior kits are available from a number of retailers as well. You may be able to get one locally (with curbside pick-up) from a toy or bookstore.

Redeeming A Kit

If your kid already has completed a kit and you want to get the printed book back in time for the holidays, we’re asking that you plan for approximately an additional 7-10 business days in total production time. That means about three to four weeks from the time we receive your story pages to the time the book arrives on your doorstep.

Ordering Additional Copies

Each kit comes with one printed copy of the finished book. But what if you need more copies? You can use the book ID (printed inside the cover) to order additional copies!

Ordering more books is a little bit quicker than the first time you send a kit in. We use the same PDF for the book to print as many as you need and ship them to you. That printing and shipping process takes about 10 business days from the day you order to the day you receive your books, depending on the shipping method you select at checkout.

Important Note: You should always wait until you receive the first copy of your child’s book before you order five or ten or twenty copies for the family. Waiting until you can view the first book ensures you don’t order more copies with a production error or misspelling.

Having A Happy Holiday Season

We're doing everything we can to get your orders packed and shipped as fast as possible this holiday season.

Despite the numerous potential delays this year’s holiday shopping season is presenting, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for a great end to the year. The key thing is to PREPARE EARLY. That could mean just getting a list of gifts together now or it might mean getting your gifts ordered today.