Imagine An Adventure: Rainbow Resource Center 6th Annual Book Contest

Imagine An Adventure: Rainbow Resource Center 6th Annual Book Contest

By Paul Hobday / May 13, 2020

It’s time again for the annual Rainbow Resource Center’s book contest! Every year, RRC hosts this awesome contest using Lulu Junior kits to challenge kids ages 7-18 to create a story around a specific theme. This year, we’ll be going on an adventure!

That’s right; we want swashbuckling pirates, dragons and knights, feats of heroism, and characters on a journey.

The Rainbow Resource Center

Rainbow Resource is a vital homeschooling resource for parents and teachers. They provide high-quality, low-cost learning materials that can easily be ordered online. With an inventory including over 50,000 textbooks and other learning materials, the RRC is a go-to for any educator looking to save money while employing the same books schools nationwide use. 

Rainbow Resource Center Logo

In these times of learning at home and remote education, Rainbow Resource is even more important than ever. So if you’re working through a curriculum with your kids, check them out for the resources you need!

Get a Book Kit

Just like previous Book Contests from RRC, your kids will use a Lulu Junior IlluStory kit to create their book. Which means they not only get to create a brand new adventure and enter this contest, you’ll also have the printed story to keep and remember!

First, you’ll need to grab a kit from Rainbow Resource. As part of the contest, IlluStory kits are half-price on their website for only $14.99! Order a kit from the link below!

IlluStory Kit

Get a reduced price IlluStory Kit from the Rainbow Resource Center to use in their Adventure-themed book contest!

Purchase a Kit Block

Carefully review RRC’s contest instructions, judging criteria, and rules in the guide below (or view printer-friendly version HERE). 

Choose An Adventure

Next, your kids can start writing! In the contest guide above, RRC provides steps for planning an adventure story and a suggested reading list for inspiration!

Will your child’s story include a trek up a mountain? A hunt for buried treasure? Maybe the characters will stumble through a closet door into another world? We can’t wait to see! 

So have your kids get their adventure gear on and start imagining where their story will take them.

Submit The Book

Finally, enter the contest by emailing Rainbow Resource! Email them at and provide the following information:

  1. Author's name
  2. Story title
  3. Author's age as of January 1, 2020
  4. Parent's name
  5. Parent's email address
  6. Parent's phone number
  7. Parent/author's mailing address
  8. Tracking number found at the bottom of the order form inside your Lulu Junior Book Kit

The deadline for email submissions is September 1st at 5 pm Central Time. 

After you mail in the completed pages to Lulu Junior, it will take 3-4 weeks to receive the hardcover book. Pages must be mailed to Lulu Junior by September 1st, 2020.

Contest Judging And Prizes

To make sure the judging is fair, Rainbow Resource breaks up the contest into age groups: ages 7-10, ages 11-14, and ages 15-18. Each group has two winners; a first-place author with a $250 cash prize and a runner-up author with a $100 cash prize! 

One overall winner will be chosen to have their book sold by Rainbow Resource!

Judging will be based on the criteria in the rules:

  1. Characters
  2. Plot
  3. Illustrations
  4. Handwriting, spelling/grammar

Every entry received by the deadline will receive a $5 Dairy Queen gift card just for entering. Plus, you get the completed story printed as a hardcover book to keep on the shelf!

The contest is open only to U.S. residents and entries run until September 1st, 2020. There’s still plenty of time to enter, but don’t wait! Winners will be announced on November 10, 2020.