5 Indie Toy Stores Your Kids Will Love

5 Indie Toy Stores Your Kids Will Love

By Paul@Lulu / June 10, 2020

Summer is fast approaching and with it, you’ll find even more need to keep your kids entertained. Don’t just plop them on the couch with a Switch and Animal Crossing. Think about the incredible toys you can find with amazing, independent toy stores.

Because the best toys are more than just a distraction. They’re an exploration of imagination, they educate and help grow important skills. All while absorbing your kid’s interest and helping them find their passions. 

During the summer months, when school is out and your kids are looking for distractions, give them something they’ll really cherish. If you’re not sure what that might look like, you’re in the right place.

Let’s meet some Toy Stores who offer unique, educational, and imaginative toys for your kids.

Runnin' Wild Toys 

Runnin' Wild Toys Retailer Logo

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Runnin’ Wild Toys is one of those unique toy stores that offers a little of everything. They’ve got the standards like Crayola products, but they also have new and more specialized toys. 

Science Kits

With a ton of categories to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming at first. But poke around a bit and you’ll see some awesome groupings of products. Like their Science Kits, categorized under STEM toys. If your kids haven’t grown their own geodes or played with snap circuits, they are going to love it. 

Books, Of Course

Kids might not always think of books as toys. But that’s a misconception you can fix right now! Runnin’ Wild has a great selection of books for kids, from learning books and puzzles to fun explorations of the city. 

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The Den

The Den toy retailer logo

From New York, we head next to Texas and The Den. This great little shop offers easy online ordering so you can get their specialty toys wherever you might be.

Their selection of toys is expansive and includes a variety of fun, activity based options that incorporate learning elements. 

Fun With Physics

If you’ve never seen a gravity track toy, this one is amazing for your kids and you! Trust me, I remember getting one of these as a kid and my dad had at least as much fun with it as I did.

Creative Kits

The Den also features a ton of awesome creativity kits in their Art section. These are the best toys for exploring imagination and working to develop skills. Not to mention how great it is to help your kids learn to concentrate on doing something they’ll love.

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Children's Gift Shop

Children's Gift Shop Logo

When you consider toys for your kids, you want to know the store is thoughtfully choosing what they stock. And that’s exactly what you get from the Children’s Gift Shop. They curate a variety of amazing toys, available at their store in Northfield, Illinois.

Toy Catalogs

Back before we all could browse stores on our phones, we eagerly awaited catalogs arriving in the mail. The Children’s Gift Shop uses a throwback to the old style catalogs, available for browsing online or download. 

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Learning Tree Toys 

Learning Tree Toys logo

Learning Tree Toys in Oklahoma City, OK was founded by former teachers with an aim toward providing diverse and engaging toys to kids of all ages. And oh, how they do. With toys available from over 450 creators the world over, you can find some amazing and unique toys in their store.

Not Your Average Toy Store

Because Learning Tree pulls from such a vast repository of toy makers, they have some awesome toys to offer. Like this Coding Robot toy. It helps kids start learning valuable skills at a very young age.

Or this variation of the popular Orchard game, adapted for a younger audience. A great way to help kids learn teamwork and cooperative play.

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Purple Bear

The Purple Bear Creative Toys retailer logo

With a variety of specialty toys that focus on education, The Purple Bear is more than just a cute mascot! Their selection of creative toys brings your kid’s imagination to life. Or just brings them joy!

A Special Gift

Possibly the coolest thing about The Purple Bear is the free gift they offer to all kids under 10 years of age on their first visit! That’s right, your youngster gets a free toy just for visiting their store in Guildford, Connecticut!

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Your Favorite Toy Stores?

These are just a few toy stores we here at Lulu Junior love. And of course, you can get Lulu Junior kits from all of these shops!

But what about you? What are your favorite local indie toy stores or bookstores? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!