Rainbow Resource Center 2020 Winner Roundup

Rainbow Resource Center 2020 Winner Roundup

By Paul Hobday / January 19, 2021

The Rainbow Resource Center’s sixth annual writing contest is in the books! Today we’re spotlighting the winners in each category. 

Let’s get right into it with a quick video from the RRC’s staff about the contest’s winners.

7-10 Age Group

1st Place Winner: Lucy Hale by Phoenix J., Age 10


2nd Place Winner: An Island Anteater: Meep’s Adventure in St. John by Elizabeth H., Age 9


Runner Up: Yellowstone River Rescue by Ella P., Age 7

Yellowstone River Rescue

11-14 Age Group:

1st Place Winner: Clover and the Key to the Dragon’s Tower by Rachel J., Age 14

Clover and the Key to the Dragon’s Tower

2nd Place Winner: The Three Little Heroes by Hannah S., Age 12

The Three Little Heroes

Runner Up: Henrietta and the Dragon’s Key by Marie F., Age 11

Henrietta and the Dragon’s Key

15-18 Age Group

1st Place Winner: Tait’s Adventure by Emma S., Age 15

Tait’s Adventure

1st Place Winner: The Captive of Throngale Keep by Chariah M., Age 15

The Captive of Throngale Keep

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2nd Place Winner: Saving Valeron by Zariya P., Age 16

Saving Valeron

Runner Up: Just Imagine by Vivienne J., Age 15

Just Imagine

Congratulations to all of the winners! Everyone at Lulu Junior is proud to be able to support this contest and help young artists and writers everywhere create something amazing.

You can learn more about the winners and get excited about this year’s contest on the Rainbow Resource Center’s site.

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