Retailers To Start 2021 Off Right

Retailers To Start 2021 Off Right

By Paul Hobday / January 12, 2021

Happy new year to all the kids, parents, and educators out there being creative! With the start of the new year, we’re once again highlighting some of our favorite retailers.

Even with the holidays behind us, it’s important to keep your kids entertained and learning during the long winter months. And these are the kinds of independent retailers who need your support to stay in business and continue to bring the best toys and learning tools to your kids.

Kit and Kaboodle Logo


First up we have Kits & Kaboodle, a classic European-style toy store

There’s a lot to love about the Indiana-based company. First, they stock toys made from wood or sustainable materials. It can be hard to find good toys that don’t use a mix of materials with a negative environmental impact. So the option to buy ‘green’ is always nice.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking Kits & Kaboodle offers limited options! They have hundreds of toys available on their website, ranging from active play toys to educational and learning toys. 

And to combat our stay-at-home lifestyle of the past year, Kits & Kaboodle offer a ton of helpful services when you order. These include gift wrapping, gift cards, delivery and assembly, and concierge shopping!

Our commitment to finding quality toys that will benefit the children of our community is our utmost priority. We invite you to visit our unique shop and experience a time where play is encouraged & creativity is around every corner.

Treehouse Toys Logo


Located in Portsmouth, ME, Treehouse Toys is a quaint shop with a variety of amazing toys from around the world.

They offer online ordering and curbside pickup, along with wrapping services for gifts.

But what sets Treehouse Toys apart is the number of incredible toys they offer. From educational books and kits to figures and puzzles; Treehouse Toys has something your kids will love.

We research, seek out, and try, as many of our products as we can, for Safety, Play Value, and Enjoyment. We take our job seriously, so you and your children can just Have Fun!

Learning Express Logo

Learning Express operates over 90 stores in 27 states, making them a widely available option for amazing toys

Despite being bigger than some retailers, Learning Express remains focused on providing high quality, educational toys for kids of all ages.

The benefit of Learning Express being a larger independent retailer is that it’s easy to pick up toys from one of their many locations! 

If Unique Toy Shop sounds familiar, it’s because we included them in one of our past retailer lists!

Unique Toy Shop is exactly what they claim to be: a vast collection of original toys to bring your kids hours of entertainment and education. 

Located in western New York state, Unique Toy Shop is open and ready to help you find the perfect toy for your kids.

While it is our belief that all toys are educational and essential to a child’s development, we believe we have the best selection of toys to promote learning while adding fun to a child’s play.

We also featured Imagination Toys last year in one of our retailer lists

At Imagination Toys, you’ll find educational and creative toys for kids of all ages. And despite being located in Saint Louis, they offer shipping for all their toys around the USA.

Browse Imagination Toys’ wide variety of toys and I’m sure you’ll find something your kids will absolutely love!

At Imagination Toys in Saint Louis, we offer the highest quality educational, developmental and creative toys that nurture imagination and encourage children to think, and to have fun!

The Juilliard Store focuses on its own branded merchandise like sheet music, shirts, bags, and more. But they do feature toys, gifts, kits, and games for kids. 

If you’re looking for some unique toys you can’t find anywhere else, the Juilliard Store is a terrific place to look!

In an era of growing dependence on the internet for buying books and sheet music, the Juilliard Store is unique as one of the last remaining brick and mortar sheet music stores in New York City, and one of the largest remaining in the world.

Last up, we’ve got MindWare! Started in Minneapolis in 1990, MindWare began with their own brand of toys, Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages. Their business grew into a catalog and wholesale model, supplying a wide range of toys to toy stores around the country.

As of today, MindWare is a global supplier of toys, with over 50,000 products available for order on their website!

Our diverse product line now includes educational toys, games, brainteasers, creative play activities, building sets, coloring books, and more.

And there you have it! Seven amazing independent retailers to help you get all the educational entertainment you need to keep your kids active, engaged, and learning through the long days of winter. And of course, you can pick up your first or next Lulu Junior bookmaking kit at any of the fantastic retailers.

Happy shopping!