Back To School Checklist

By Emma Gutierrez / August 22, 2022

School is starting again, be it online or in the classroom. Back-to-school time can be stressful, with schedules changing and so much to prepare for.

But it should be an exciting time, too! Education isn’t a chore. And you can make getting back into the learning groove easier by helping prepare your kids.

That’s why we’re bringing you our back-to-school checklist today!

It’s the perfect way to be sure you and your kids are ready to get back to learning this year.

Learning Materials


What Kids Need To Learn

Learning materials and supplies including notebooks and pens, backpacks and textbooks, and so much more. But with so many things a student needs to enable learning, you can get overwhelmed before you even get started!

    • Notebooks - At least one for taking notes in class, but for some students multiple will be helpful. Such as a doodle pad or personal notes journal to go with your classroom notes. Or create a custom notebook!
    • Pens/Pencils/Erasers - The right writing tool can make a big difference. Make sure your kids are comfortable writing by providing a variety of options; from ballpoint to gel pens to markers and pencils. And don't forget an eraser!
    • Scissors/Ruler/Glue - And any other creative materials kids might need! Creative supplies are great for after-school activities too, so be sure kids have lots of ways to create whether during class time or not.
    • Textbooks - It’s always smart to order the necessary textbooks as early as possible. Don’t be afraid to crack these books open before class starts too!
    • Binder - A good old three-ring binder is still important for students to keep organized. Be sure you have a three-hole punch to put handouts and other materials in the binder.
    • Highlighters - Just like pens and pencils, a variety of highlighters are important for promoting good note-taking and reading habits.
    • Calendar/Planner - Some kids might even want both! But at least, your kids will need something to track tasks and assignments.
    • Post-its - These simple little squares of paper and glue are incredibly helpful for creating physical reminders. A great way to help teach kids to organize tasks.
    • Index Cards - Perfect for practicing test items or memorization. Be sure to have a set of index cards available to help your kids organize their learning.

At-Home Learning


Education Spaces

Whether it be at home in a study corner or just a place to do homework, it’s important to create a space for their education. These few points will help create a better at-home learning experience.

    • Desk - Students need a dedicated space to learn. Even if it’s the kitchen table. Set aside some space and let them own it for learning.
    • Chair - The value of a comfortable chair cannot be overstated
    • Routine - Help keep learning on schedule with a daily routine. That means a bedtime, an alarm to wake up, and a set of morning habits to get the day started. Lunch and playtime should be consistent too!
    • Time Management - There’s time for work and time for play; be sure to create a daily schedule that allows for both!

In The Classroom


Hands-On Learning

As students return to school, prepare them with everything they need in the classroom this year.

    • Mask & Sanitizer - Make it easy and fun for your kids to be ready for the social interactions at school by reinforcing good habits at home!
    • Backpack - Make sure your student has the right bag for their learning needs! That includes plenty of ways to keep any devices they’ll be carrying safe.
    • Water Bottle - Stay hydrated! Teach your kids to drink smart with a refillable water bottle. They can personalize it with stickers and you can rest easy knowing they aren't drinking sugary sodas.
    • Meet The Teacher - This isn't so much a supply as a great idea. Take time to greet your kid's teacher and introduce your kids. Familiarize your kids with the classroom and review any rules or guidelines.

Learning Technology


Supplies To Enable

There is no denying how powerful the Internet is for education. But for students, learning how to use these tools is central to forming good learning habits. The first step is to get the right pieces of technology for your young students! 

    • Computer - This might seem obvious, but particularly for at-home students, a dedicated computer for school use is important.
    • Calculator - Even for students with a smart phone, a true calculator is valuable. Be sure to look to math teachers about the best calculator for their curriculum!
    • Headphones - For at-home learning, your kids will need to immerse themselves in the teacher’s lesson. The best way to do so is to drown out any other household sounds with a pair of quality headphones.
    • Tablets - For most purposes, Tablets fall under Computers. But for art or design classes, the power of a Tablet and Stylus might be a huge upgrade! You just need to know the kind of work your student will be doing to best understand the type of device they need.
    • Smart Phones - Phones may not be the ideal device for a student. But, inevitably, your kids will get a smart phone. Why not make it a learning experience and teach them the value of searching for answers on the fly?

Making sure your student is prepared in and outside the classroom will help them set them up for a successful school year.