Lulu Junior Author of the Month - Judson Ayars

Lulu Junior Author of the Month - Judson Ayars

By Emma@Lulu / April 08, 2020

We finally made it to Spring! Flowers are in full bloom and allergies are in full effect, but hey, we're not going to complain about the warm and sunny days as they come.

Our featured April author is Judson Ayars! Judson’s interest is drawing and his talent is on full display in his short story, “Little Crab Lost.” The accompanying colorful illustrations definitely caught our eye!

Lulu Junior Author Judson Ayars Book The Little Crab

Our main character, Little Crab starts off this story wanting to go on a walk, to which his mother said yes but for him to be careful. Little Crab started on his walk but came across a hollow in a tree and decided to crawl in and take a nap.

Back at home his mother was beginning to worry. She hadn’t packed him any food to take with him and it was now dinner time.

She decided she had to venture out and go look for Little Crab. She started to look for him in places that he normally would go.

Little Crab’s mother started at the beach in his treehouse, but she found nothing there. Then she checked his friend’s house and again, nothing! Little Crab was proving very hard to find. Where else could he possibly be?

Lulu Junior Author of the Month - Judson Ayars Gallery

She continued her walk and happened to look over at the tree and what did she find?! Her little crab was in the hollow fast asleep!

A big sigh of relief that Little Crab was found in time for dinner!

Thank you Judson for being April’s featured author! We can’t wait to read your next story and see what Little Crab is up to in his next adventure!

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Read the Full Interview:

Where did you get your Lulu Junior kit? 

Who gave it to you? My nana and popop for Christmas.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

Not always. I like drawing better.

Where did you get your idea for your story?

The front of the Lulu package had a crab on it and that gave me the idea.

What was your favorite part about writing the book?

That is tough.  Probably the coloring.

How did it feel to see your story published into a book?


Do you have any advice for other young authors?

Practice, practice, practice!  Fill in your pages. Try not to leave any white spaces!

What will your next book be about?

I have two books I'm planning.  Little Crab's Birthday. And another character called Little Frog.  I'd like to do a story about him and his steam shovel.

What are some of your favorite books?

Homer Price, The Narnia books, The Little House Series, Berenstain Bears, the Huggly books, and many others!

What is your favorite genre to read, and why?

I like books that are historical and tell about people's real lives.

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