MORE Writing Prompts For Kids

MORE Writing Prompts For Kids

By Paul Hobday / February 09, 2021

Last summer, we shared a list of awesome writing prompts from the Lulu Junior Instagram. Now we’re into winter and I’m sure your kids are itching for some creative ways to entertain themselves. So we’re back with even more writing prompts for them!

Making Writing Fun

Writing prompts have always been a great way for anyone to spur their writing and creative mind. Writers at all levels use prompts to get their ideas flowing. That’s what makes using them such a great exercise! Your kids can start today with a fun writing prompt and use the practice for the rest of their lives, developing a rich writing habit.

Prompts are beautifully simple; usually, just a single sentence that poses a question or creates an unexpected scenario. Here’s the newest batch of writing prompts for your kids.

Writing Prompts For Your Kids


Writing Prompts Made Easy

Want to make it even easier for your kids to dive into these writing prompts? We’ve got you covered with this bundle of lined pages, each page featuring one of our awesome prompts! Just print these out and your kids will be creating in no time.

Creative Thinking

Writing prompts are just one way to engage kids in creative thinking. In fact, we’ve looked at a number of ways to help inspire and foster creativity in your kids already. Most of our ideas center around writing, but creativity takes many forms. 

For example, consider the ‘treasure map’ prompt above. Your kids could write a story about tracking down that treasure. Or they could draw the treasure map! Maybe even imagine what the treasure is. 

Creativity takes a variety of forms; prompts are just a great way to get your kids thinking about new creative ideas. Once those ideas start flowing, they’ll find new ideas and their own creativity will take over.