Lulu Junior In 2020 + Free Printable!

Lulu Junior In 2020 + Free Printable!

By Paul Hobday / December 31, 2020

This is it! 2020 is nearly over and I don’t think there are many of us who will miss it.

But for all the struggles of 2020, the best way to end the year is to look back for the highlights. Because it wasn’t all bad. 

In fact, I’ve got a whole list of cool things we did here at Lulu Junior. From our Author of the Month series to not one, but TWO activity contests and giveaways this year; we’ve managed to have some fun even if we’re trapped inside.

So, as the year comes to a close, let’s take a look back at what Lulu Junior and the amazing creators who use us did this year.

Download Our New Year Printable

Start the new year off with a bang! Our amazing graphic designer made this downloadable New Years coloring page to create resolution! Download it and print it out for your kid’s resolution planning (and for some fun coloring!)


Family New Year’s Resolutions

Activity Book Cover

Lulu Junior’s 2020 Authors of the Month

We had 10 Authors of the Month this year. Each one highlights an amazing young writer and the story they created. Get to know how these kids write and create, as well as a sneak peek at their stories!

November – McKenna Garvey


McKenna Garvey

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October – Jeremiah Karaschchuk


Jeremiah Karaschchuk

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August - Kahlan Harmon


Kahlan Harmon

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July – McKenzie Hesseling


McKenzie Hesseling

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June – Eden Papuga


Eden Papuga

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May - Liam Cywinski


Liam Cywinski

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April – Judson Ayars


Judson Ayars

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March - Lennox Simms


Lennox Simms

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February – Kara Miller


Kara Miller

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January - Everett Powell


Everett Powell

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Camp Lulu Junior

Sometime late in the spring, we were brainstorming ideas for activities we could run during the summer. The idea of a virtual camp came up and a little research showed we weren’t the only ones with that idea.

What we came up with was a two-week event run mostly on Instagram and our Camp website. Each day, we added a new activity for your kids (and sometimes you too) to do for the day. To make Camp even more fun, posting a picture of the completed activity to our Instagram feed earned your child an entry into a giveaway!

While the contest is over, you can still enjoy all the activities on our Camp Lulu Junior page.

Visit Camp

Winter Games

So basically as soon as Camp Lulu Junior was over, we wanted to do it again.

After another round of brainstorming, we came up with our Winter Games. This event ran for three weeks! It also included a giveaway and this time we made an entire activity book to go along with it!

Just like Camp, the Winter Games site, all the activities and even the activity book are still available!

Go To Winter Games

Rainbow Resource Center

This year marked the sixth annual Rainbow Resource Center summer writing contest!

Each year, they create a contest with specific themes and rules, then each entrant uses a Lulu Junior IlluStory kit to create their story! The team at Rainbow Resource Center judges the stories in multiple categories and selected winners.

Stay tuned; we’ll be highlighting the 2020 winners early next year!

Imagine An Adventure: Rainbow Resource Center 6th Annual Book Contest

It’s time again for the annual Rainbow Resource Center’s book contest! Every year, RRC hosts this awesome contest using Lulu Junior kits to challenge kids ages 7-18 to create a story around a specific theme. This year, we’ll be going on an adventure!

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Rainbow Resource Center 6th Annual Book Contest

Paul’s Pick

Do I get to pick my favorite post from the year? I dunno, but if no one stops me, I’m going to take this opportunity!

My pick this year has to be; Become A Comic Book Creator, a look at Lorenzo Etherington’s free ebook How To Draw Comics. I’m a big fan of comic books and of the Etherington brother’s work. For anyone with kids who love to draw, this ebook is just AMAZING.

Become A Comic Book Creator

When I was a kid, I loved comic books. I don’t think I was alone in this either. But one thing that I always wanted to do was create my own stories.

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Become A Comic Book Creator

Lulu Junior Guest Blog Graphic

Thanks To Our Guest Bloggers!

Meet our awesome guest bloggers! These teachers, parents, and creators share their knowledge to help kids grow and explore their own creativity.

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