15 Sustainability Activities For Kids

15 Sustainability Activities For Kids

By Paul Hobday / April 22, 2021

Today, (April 22nd) is Earth Day! 

Which presents a unique challenge for parents and teachers: how to approach environmentalism with your kids. Sustainability is a complex issue; from raw materials to consumerism and global supply chains. 

Your kids need to understand simpler parts of the process. Like why littering is bad or how to avoid being wasteful. Or you could begin to introduce them to the breadth of environmental issues by watching some of the Earth Day events together.

Sustainability Made Simple

There’s a ton of ways you can help inspire your kids to be more sustainable. But if you’re feeling a little pressured, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Sustainability Activities list is perfect to do on Earth Day. But really, it’s an everyday list of small but impactful ways to be more aware and help live more sustainably. You and your kids can go through the list to learn about how sustainable you already are and find new ways to be environmentally friendly!

Lulu Junior Sustainability Activities

  1. Flip The Switch – Leaving your lights on gobbles electricity! Not only does turning off the lights save energy and help light bulbs last longer, but it also saves money. It might only be a few dollars a month, but it adds up!
  2. Pull The Plug – The lights might only save a little, but unplugging appliances can save upwards of $100 in a year! That’s a lot of electricity conserved too. Plug your TV and game system into a power strip to make it easy to turn on/off the power when you need it. Or go through the kitchen unplugging appliances that don’t need power (please don’t unplug the fridge).
  3. Sunny And Breezy – New energy sources are a great subject to learn more about for Earth Day. You could create your own pinwheel to experiment with wind power. Or you could watch this video from Bill Nye about solar power!
  4. Refill It – Use fewer bottles by bringing water with you! Shop for the best refillable bottles on the web and teach your kids about how wasteful plastic water bottles can be.
  5. Carbon Footprint Calculator – Use the Carbon Footprint calculator to estimate your own impact! A great opportunity to see exactly how what we do that affects the environment and to look for new ways to be more eco-friendly. 
  6. The Story of Stuff – Watch the Story Of Stuff together, right here:

  7. Reuse It – Plastic grocery bags are just the worst. Small, easily ripped, and just awful for the environment. Teach your kids about reusable versus disposable and pick up some eco-friendly bags to make shopping a little less wasteful. 
  8. Get Crafty – For every plastic bottle your toss in the recycling bin, an opportunity for some fun and cool crafts slips by. Turn those empty bottles into fun activities for you and your kids!
  9. Get A Green Thumb – Start a garden! Even if outdoor space or lighting is limited, an indoor garden is fun and just as educational. Plus you’ll have some delicious fresh vegetables to enjoy!
  10. Explore The World – Take a virtual tour of national parks or other historic sites. You can enjoy these amazing locations without any of the emissions from driving or flying! 
  11. Feed The Birds – Create a Bird Feeder to help keep your neighborhood birds well fed! A great activity that helps you kids appreciate wildlife that lives alongside us everyday. 
  12. Get Outside – Spending time outside can be a wonderful and formative activity for kids. Enjoy learning about trees, birds, or anything else happening in your yard, the local park, or wherever you are!
  13. Compost – Start a compost bin to teach your kids about reusing our food waste. A great activity that takes a little work and learning, but will pay off with a wealth of fertile soil for next year’s garden.
  14. Recycle Smarter – Upgrade your recycling by learning about the different types of products, which can and can’t be recycled, and how to sort them. 
  15. Read A Book – Grab a book or two with environmental themes from Lulu’s 100% independent bookstore.

Like these! Browse some of our favorite books below & let’s work together to Restore Our Earth.

Over The Top

A strange craft has a motley crew of weird and wonderful characters. Misunderstood because of their oddness, they are actually cleaning up the oceans. Sent on each mission by two boys in England, their latest adventure involves saving a small island, sinking under the weight of rubbish.

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The Sunshine S'mores

When the hot sun melts Yasmin’s chocolate Tino Turtle it gives her an idea for a solar-powered special treat. The Gardeneers learn all about capturing energy to grow p-4 their seedlings. They build a mini-greenhouse and also learn that some energy sources are a little... stinkier! Will they get all their seedlings planted in time to melt up a s'mores feast?

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That's Not Rubbish

Patrick found out the hard way; do not cross a worm and its rubbish. As many of us do, Patrick was just putting the rubbish out thoughtlessly when an angry worm demanded to see what was in his huge bin bag. The worm was shocked to find what may have seemed rubbish, was in fact wonderful recyclable materials and a delicious, nutritious meal.

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Mind What Matters

Mind What Matters focuses on simple lifestyle habits you can adopt that reduce waste contribution while hardly altering your current lifestyle. You will find a multitude of new ways to seamlessly adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle that not only benefits the planet, but yourself as well.

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The Story of Fat Beet Farm

A Sustainable Farm Story. Learn how a family with a passion for food and sustainability created a Farm-to-Table project and are saving Mother Earth at the same time!

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Suzie and the Eelgrass Geese

This is a story about a young girl named Suzie who lives in a small town on the coast of California. Suzie loves everything about the sea, especially the animals that make their home among the meadows of eelgrass that grow in the harbor. One day, Suzie makes a startling discovery - there is a species of bird that eats the eelgrass and threatens the habitat of all the animals she cares about!

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