How to Create an Interactive Learning Binder for your kids

How-To: Interactive Learning Binder

By Netia Simms / May 20, 2022

Often, we find ourselves trying to find ways to continue to educate our children at home. What can we do to keep their minds sharp? How can we help them with things they may have difficulty understanding in school? Or even, what are some fun and educational ways to transition them to quiet time without electronics? Well, I have just the thing for you: an Interactive Learning Binder!

What is an Interactive Learning Binder?

This is a binder compiled of fun age/developmentally appropriate learning activities. Whether it be memory, math, cognitive development, reading, fine motor development or more. The goal of these binders is to get your children engaged in learning through play and hands-on interaction. But of course,  it could be an activity to keep them engaged while you cook dinner perhaps?! These are typically geared towards preschool-elementary aged children as well as adults and children with special needs, but not limited to.

Creating Your Interactive Binder!

Here are some things that you will need to create your Interactive Learning Binder.

Materials for your interactive learning binder


**Additional materials you may need depending on your activity

Most of the time you can find free resources online for printables to go into your interactive binder if you are not interested in making your own.

How To Put Your Binder Together

Once you’ve gathered all of your materials for your binder, you can get started putting it together. This is a tedious part, of course, but definitely worth it in the end!

Step 1

Cut and laminate your printed activities

Interactive learning binder Step 1: laminating your pages

Step 2

Cut out your laminated printables, hole punch the full sheets, and organize them (I like to have everything organized so that I know in which order I will put them in the book). Add velcro to your pages and cut pieces where it’s needed.

Interactive learning binder Step 2: hole-punch and organize

Step 3

Put your cut pieces in the page protectors and put them on the corresponding page.

Interactive Learning Binder Step 3: Building your pages

Step 4

Add your pages to your binder in the order you see fit, along with the corresponding page protectors before each page. (If you would like to add your page protectors to the back of your book instead, you can. I would just label which activity it goes with).

Interactive Learning Binder Step 4: Putting it together

And that is all! Once you’re done introduce this to your child and enjoy. This can travel in the car for trips, be a busy binder at restaurants, or if you would like to do it with your child as a daily learning  activity you can!