Lulu Junior Retailer of the Month - Read With Me

Lulu Junior Retailer of the Month - Read With Me

By Paul Hobday / August 14, 2017

Looking for a way to get your little ones away from the screen and into a good book? If you’re in North Carolina, look no further than Read With Me, a children’s art and bookstore located in downtown Raleigh!

Lulu Junior Retailer of the Month - Read With Me


Christine Brenner is the founder of Read With Me, and Lulu Junior’s Retailer of the Month!

Meet Read With Me

“Reading is the most important thing you need to know growing up and I think if you can start at a young age by building that love of reading then it becomes easier in life later when you have to read,” says Brenner.

Read With Me makes building that love of reading easy with beautiful, quirky and fun books combined with colorful, eccentric local art. Sounds pretty awesome, right? But wait, there’s more - Christine also hosts story time, arts and crafts, and workshops in the back of the store that help children develop their reading, writing and drawing skills.

Creativity running wild at a Read With Me workshop


“I think children should always be writing and creating their own stories. Even when they’re little, children are always telling stories before they can read and before they can write,” says Brenner.

In a world that seems to read at 140 characters at a time, finding a place that caters specifically to books, art and storytelling is a breath of fresh air. And makes the perfect home for Lulu Junior's book-making kits!

“What I love about the Lulu Junior kits is that it comes with prompts and directions about how to write a story and it makes it really easy to mail it off and send it back to you completely finished,” says Brenner.

Explore The Store

The kits aren’t the only Lulu item you’ll find at the store. Lulu Junior also sponsored and built a lending library that can be found right outside the door of the shop.

“I love being able to offer free books to people. Anyone in the city can come to it and borrow a book and leave a book of their own for someone else to enjoy. Whether it’s a book that’s an extra in your house or it’s an old favorite you want to share with someone, it’s a great way to share books with strangers.”

Lending Library sponsored by Lulu Junior


Whether you’re in search of a good book, great art, or the chance to create your own with a Lulu Junior kit, Read With Me is the place to go!