How To Make Your Own Pressed Flowers

How To Make Your Own Pressed Flowers

By maggie jackson / May 25, 2023

Have you ever picked flowers and wished you could preserve them? Pressing flowers is a great way to preserve flowers and plants. With only a few supplies you can press your own flowers. You can use them in a craft project, decorate special cards for family and friends, create beautiful art, or make a collection of herbarium sheets recording the plants growing in your own backyard. Follow along below to learn more! 


  • Heavy book (to press flowers in)
  • Flowers or plants
  • Scissors

Step One

Gather your flowers and plants. You can buy fresh flowers or pick flowers and plants from your own backyard! Make sure your flowers are dry and free from dew. Cut the stems off the flowers or keep them on if you prefer. Place the flowers face down on the pages and close your book. You can add heavy books on top to ensure an even pressing.

Lay your flowers down in the position you would like them to be pressed in

Lay your flowers on the pages of your book

Dried Flower Example                                      Finished Dried Flowers


Step Two

After ten days you can open your book and enjoy your pressed flowers. You can frame them, laminate them, or even make a pretty collage. The possibilities are endless! Can’t get enough flowers? Check out these fun spring printables!

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